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Mission Statement

We strive to provide the best services to our clients with a quality-driven process to the architectural practice. Our clients value not only the idea of quality but also a way to articulate their expectations that will guide their service providers. If the process is right the outcome will most likely be right!​​


Architectural and Quality Assurance services are used by developers, owners and owner's representatives (architects, engineers and construction managers). The fast-paced environment, technology, and inexperienced project delivery team members will cause lack of project coordination, errors, omissions, and increase construction cost, a number of change orders and frustration on the job sites. Our services help to seamless project delivery and cost reduction due to errors, omissions, and repairs.

The quality of our management is achieved through the internal process of quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement.

Quality Planning

We have established a culture that sets the standards for high-quality design projects and construction documentation. Very often we include the contractors to participate in the process and have some influence on how the quality or guaranteed maximum price (GMP) are achieved.

Quality Assurance

We are taking measures that will reduce errors and omissions before and while performing the work, so the outcome of a process is a quality one!

Quality Control

The quality control concept looks at work after its completion. It is the process of testing to determine if it complies with the adopted quality standards. We use it to make sure the quality assurance process works properly.

Quality Improvement

We include the quality improvement in the management system to discontinue same mistakes and reduce waste in material and cost. Continuous improvement has a positive impact on projects and the environment.


Covid-19 Update

ArchQAS is committed to creating safer and healthier spaces in the wake of COVID-19. We are closely following the developments and recommendations provided by government authorities and health experts as we offer services and develop facilities that help us grow, heal and work. Refer to CDC guidelines, as well as local and national authorities, for further guidance.​​